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Experiments -The work in this area may be an ongoing exploration series, an investigation of an already existing aspect of my practice via new methods or tools, or an exhibition ready work that I simply feel is divergent from the rest of my practice. 

Video Essays

2010 - Ongoing

My post-secondary education began with a study of experimental film in 2002. I've never been able to quit the medium since. From time to time, in between other projects, I compose video essays. These videos often utilize found, pre-compilated, or stolen ephemeral film (educational footage, commercials, classic films, and propaganda) to probe various subjects from their representation in historical media. Born of my early experiments with travelogue and documentation, the video essay component of my practice continues to be a source of creative rumination that often feeds into other work. Collected here are an assortment of the latest of these video essays.

8 Course Meal

7 minutes 18 seconds

8-Course Meal is an experimentation in media consumption via rules and rhythms. A chaotic assortment of media hides a narrative structured via a heavy set of guidelines. The composition takes three separate panels: The first shows food presentation, predominantly within commercial setting. The second shows food consumption via both educational and commercial media. The third shows food preparation via predominantly educational films. Together the three frames form a narrative of food horror and guided consumption toward an end perhaps not as altruistically educational as media would present. The aging of both the 'main characters', as well as the changing evolutions of media era illustrate the commercialization of our consumption and the manner in which consuming becomes the overriding purpose in modern living. Meant to mirror the rules and rhythms of our consumption flow throughout a coursed meal, or our day, or the course of our lifetime, 8-Course Meal is an experiment in consumption of media on consumption, structured.

Technology and You

6 minutes 40 seconds

Technology and You is an essay that probes the way technology is addressed in media, and the manner in which the conversation can vary from optimistic opportunity, to gloom and doom prognosticating, to far-reaching clairvoyance of future boons and pitfalls. Using found and, at times, stolen footage, the essay forms a satire of the voices heard within media attempting technological analyzation. 

Lavender Confusion Layers

2 minutes 1 second

My first work created at California Institute of the Arts, Lavender Confusion Layers is a ruminative film on masculinity and the harm in gendered pejoratives. Set to a disrupted score of Burl Ives's "Lavender Cowboy" and made exclusively from found footage, Lavender Confusion Layers probes the humor we find in developmental masculinity, and the violence that results.

Lavender Confusion Layers was developed as part of an assignment from Tom Leeser, entitled "Look, Listen" wherein students stood outside, looking and listening for a brief period, before formulating five words to describe the experience (one of which being a color.) Students were then instructed to choose three words from one of their peers and create an artwork from it -the labor time upon said work to not exceed one hour. Lavender Confusion Layers is thus the result of this assignment, and forms a quick video "sketch" exploration of theme, mood, and tonality. 

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