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Matthew Pagoaga is a Los Angeles based artist, author, and filmmaker. His art work splits between conceptual investigations of disruption via mixed-media and technology, and public art light installations that probe elements of shared exploration, self-history, and collaborative play. He is a past recipient of Honoraria awards from MOZAIK Philanthropy and the Burning Man organization, and is actively creating work that hybridizes studio art with a post- studio, public art practice. Matthew's latest works examine processes of archival degradation, and human connection and disruption as related to the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2019, he left his career in the tech sector and enrolled at California Institute of the Arts – where he is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Art + Technology.

Current Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions

Art + Technology Mid-Residency Show - October 2020

Burning Man 2021

Select Past Exhibitions

Art + Technology - 2019 - Installation/Films Screened - Coaxial Arts Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

Burning Man 2018, I, Robot – 2018 – "Cirrus” an Art/Technology installation - Black Rock City, NV

Wonderland Exhibition - 2011 - Photography, Films Screened - Wonderland Collective, NY

The Magic Lantern Show - 2011 - Host/Producer - The Mercury Lounge, Manhattan NY

48 Hour Film Festival - 2010 - Film Screened - Madison, WI

The Magic Lantern Show - 2010 - Host/Producer - High Noon Saloon, Madison WI

The Magic Lantern Show on the Radio! - 2009 - Host/Producer -91.7 WSUM, Madison WI

The Los Angeles Film School Select Event - 2005 - Films Screened - Los Angeles, CA

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