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This work is part of a series titled 333. The series contains three projects that each deal in triptychs, triads, and trilogies. While ranging in subject matter specifically, the projects each feature explorations of medium specificity in digital video. Methods of digital seeing, cinematic time versus reality, and thoughts on modernity as viewed through the lens of video are dissected across three multi-work projects that each triangulate to reveal a central narrative. 


Infection, Illness, Recovery


"Infection, Illness, Recovery" is a set of three compilations of three films. The three films, individually titled "Infection", "Illness", and "Recovery" explore themes of sickness, information glut, environmental destruction, capitalist pseudoplace, and confusions of personal truth and health.

"Infection" centers on the THUMS islands, four man-made islands built off the coast of Long Beach, California in 1967 for purposes of oil drilling. Designed by Joseph Linesch (one of the landscape architects of Disneyland) the islands were designed to appear as luxury condominiums or amusement parks, complete with plant life, artificial waterfalls, and false skyscrapers to obscure the oil derricks within. Audio layered beneath the islands' imagery takes the form of scrambled Covid-19 misinformation videos from TikTok and YouTube.

"Illness" presents footage from the Inglewood Oil Field taken from the public park adjacent. Containing 500 or so oil wells, the Inglewood Oil Field is the 18th largest oil field in California and produces roughly 7,487 barrels of oil a day. The footage of the field is layered over itself to present an endless landscape of oil production. The audio beneath the footage contains layered sounds of calamity and industry – factory noises, machine sounds of the well machinery, and natural audio.

"Recovery" features footage from the tide pools of White Point Cove in San Pedro, California layered with both the natural sounds of the ocean and audio captured from a vaccine booster appointment by the artist.


4 minutes 30 seconds

The three films incrementally transition into each other as each film progresses, layered as to form a perpetual loop. 



1 hour 30 minutes

The transition of each film progresses one step only after the underlying film restarts, creating a longer form, slow and gradual overtaking in which the films are semi-visible in full. 



3 minutes

The three films perpetually overwrite each other, progressing every second in layers.

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