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Experiments -The work in this area may be an ongoing exploration series, an investigation of an already existing aspect of my practice via new methods or tools, or an exhibition ready work that I simply feel is divergent from the rest of my practice. 

Experiments in Psychedelia

Experimental Film / Animation
2022 - Ongoing

Experiments in Psychedelia are short surrealist video works probing the psychedelic aesthetic via ephemeral film layering. Abstract soundscapes are presented in combination with experimental animation and/or overlaying montage. Informed in part by Psychedelics Revisioned, a class offered at Antioch University by Dr. David Tripp, the short videos aim to explore the psychedelic aesthetic as a heterotopian space too often reduced to a homogeneity in understanding, form, and presentation. These experiments seek to subvert traditional understandings of psychedelic montage toward vignettes more illuminative or conceptually/narratively structured. All in the aim of elaborating the aesthetic to a less specialized medium.  


California Noir

Jungle Press w/ Demon Phallus

Stages of Conflict

History of the World from start to finish

Rescue of the Princess of Light

One World or None

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