Pop Song

2020 - Sculpture/Installation - 12" by 12" by 6"

Exhibiting: CAMFA 2021 - January, 2021

Torrance Art Museum Public Art & Sculpture Project - July, 2021

Pop Song is an installation formed as a macabre instrument - a grim visualization of the ubiquity of gun violence in American culture. Utilizing data parsed from The Gun Violence archive (gunviolencearchive.org), Pop Song tracks incidents of gun violence across the United States in near real-time, compressing toy gun caps for each death or injury (on the left or right solenoid, respectively.) Though startling in initial encounter, given enough time in Pop Song's presence, one desensitizes to its constant clangor. Gesturing toward automated devices such as the player piano and the stock ticker, Pop Song serves as both spotlight on our resigned acceptance of violence's ubiquity and our rote disassociation in the face of horror's constant crushing song.