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Transitional Objects - Integrated Media Exhibition

Transitional Objects is an art + technology, integrated media exhibition located in the George J. Doizaki Gallery at the JACCC in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. The event features my work Pop Song alongside works from Fia Benitez Villanueva, Caleb Craig, Jing Dong, Brin Gordon, Brian Griffith, Tatum Howey, Zachary Kenefick, Sunny Kim, Ziyin Li, Dongpu Ling, Dylan Marx, Shan Ni, Autumn Rogers, Kensaku Shinohara, and Gary Zhang.

From the press release for the exhibition:

"Transitional Objects, at the JACCC George J. Doizaki Gallery, is a collection of work that engages in the interplay between technological turbulence and accelerated becoming. These sixteen artists from CalArts have demonstrated incredible resilience during their recent moments of personal isolation, and social constriction. In spite of the abrupt temporal disruptions to their lives, they have persevered by making extraordinary work that interrogates the complexities of our twenty first century with all its challenges and contradictions. Together, their work functions as a collective oracle, a virtual device that imagines future possibilities. However, this articulation does not predict a simple future, rather, it provokes an array of complexity by initiating critical discussions of identity, gender, surveillance, trauma, memory and time. They are tentacular investigations of automation, machine learning, sound, image and space–– multimodal markings of the many voices and diverse personas that constitute our networked yet fractured world."

Transitional Objects will be on display from May 4–16, 2021, Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-5pm.


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