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Experiments -The work in this area may be an ongoing exploration series, an investigation of an already existing aspect of my practice via new methods or tools, or an exhibition ready work that I simply feel is divergent from the rest of my practice. 

Abstract Celebrity Diamonds

2022 - Collectable Digital and Print Media / Net Art

As of  3/9/2022, I am selling 354 images collaged from 5,791 of each: images of celebrities, images of diamonds, images of abstract art from the collection of an unnamed museum. Available as a digital image license for any use or purpose with mandatory credit to the collage artist. Purchasing the image here will remove it from the site and future sale, ensuring buyer is the sole owner of any copy of the image. Further available as a 12" x 12" print with digital image license OR t-shirt paired with digital image license. In the case of physical printing, destruction of digital image to ensure physical print's rarity is also available. Prices to fluctuate based on view impressions of images / rarity of remaining images.▹✳︎❂✢✩

▹File under artist as contrarian. Seeing peers participating in a trend, and choosing to do the exact opposite, performatively. Selling physical objects, with no transactional history from one exchange to another. Centralizing amidst decentralizing. 

✳︎File under parody. Ridiculing crypto's inherent harm to the environment and/or the prevalence of bad faith actors within the community. Above these, ridiculing the notion of finding new ways to commodify and create markets in a capitalist system already saturated with such ambition.

❂File under lemonade stand. Creating and participating in a small-scale reproduction of a process or system without full, 100% grasp of the system being emulated. See also Hasbro board game, Monopoly. 

✢File under theft and grift. Believing that nothing can be original, and that to create within modernity is to steal (regardless of intent.) Post-internet belief that nothing is new. Theft integral to artistic process. Copyright of pixels in a certain formation is meaningless, and thus, selling the altered and collaged images of others is parallel. At the same time, pretending to invent the wheel. Selling collectible digital images online as though that this concept is brand new. Claiming to have invented editioned prints. Claiming to have invented collectible rarity. See parody.

✩File under problematic. The notion of celebrity. The prevalence of female faces in celebrity image research datasets. Speculation that this is because male actors are allowed to age and retain value, whereas female actors are treated as disposable objects. Images of abusers within the art objects. Problematic nature of creating collectable ephemera from the now rarity of their presence in print. Re-trauma. Diamonds as a conflict resource. Their self-perpetuating relationship to war. Profit off of suffering. See also white male technocrat predilections toward supervillainy. Colonization of internet space.

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