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The Magic Lantern Show

2010 - 2020 (ongoing) - Performance / Radio Progam / Podcast

Established in 2010, The Magic Lantern Show was conceived as a live stage talk-show featuring musical guests and performances, hosted by myself. Modeled after The Dick Cavett Show, the program was not recorded in any fashion and meant as a way of localizing the talk show experience. Playing at various venues across The United States the show featured a variety of guests including Yellow Ostrich, Anna Wang and the Oh Boys!, Cait and the Girls, The Shortsleeves, and others. The Magic Lantern Show enjoyed several successes as a live program and at one point fielded interest from executives at NBC. 

In Fall of 2020, The Magic Lantern Show was revived as a radio program / podcast available on podcast streaming programs, and airing on KCIA, Fridays from 7 to 8pm. Featuring vintage cuts and commercial breaks, the show has refocused as an artist/creative salon in keeping with the style and comfortable conversation of Dick Cavett's programs.

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