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language of birds cover

Language of Birds

2012 - Novel

When a suicidal man, a small sparrow, and a transient young man are brought together by circumstance, the three begin a cross-country odyssey to deliver a woman’s ashes to California. One goes out of guilt for deceiving the woman and posing as her long-deceased grandson, the other, secretly, to fulfill an aspiration to kill himself by jumping off the Golden Gate bridge. Upon recruiting a fourth traveler in the form of a mysterious, fur-coat clad woman hellbent on reaching the coast, the four undertake a journey exploring the meaning of death, the realities of the hereafter, what form we take after leaving this world, and what secret futures lay hidden amidst the enigmatic language of birds.


Language of Birds is currently for sale from numerous bookstores and online marketplaces. It is readily available on and from booksellers nationwide.

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